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CRG's Siding Materials Product Information

This Napco panels claim to fame is longer length which equals fewer seams. In fact, the unique 25 foot length = 91% fewer seams than traditional 12'6" siding. This quality vinyl siding also features .046 inch panel thickness and 3/4 inch panel projection for maximum rigidity and straighter application which also creates an attractive deep shadow line for extra dimension. This panel is also wind resistant up to 210 mph., the highest in the industry. The beautiful cedar finish is available in a D4" traditional lap and D4.5" Dutch lap with 14 color choices.

See napcoproducts.com for more information




Tradition™ by Napco is a less expensive option than the Napco Splendor XL panel. Although it is made of the same high quality vinyl as Splendor XL, it has a .042 inch thickness and 1/2 inch projection, a bit less than it's beefier cousin. Instead of a 25 foot length, the Traditional™ panel comes in a standard 12'6" length. The color choices are about the same as Splendor XL. Due to a lighter panel and nail hem, wind resistance rating is 165mph., somewhat less than Splendor XL, but plenty strong nonetheless. This panel still has a lot of bang for the buck and is a great alternative to more expensive panels for cost conscious home owners.

See napcoproducts.com for more information




Vinyl Shakes & Scallops

This Napco siding is different from regular clapboard vinyl siding and is installed differently as well. Much thicker than its clapboard styled counterpart at .090 inches and over twice as thick ass ordinary vinyl siding, it looks just like cedar shakes and also comes in scallop style often used to accent peaks. This is a very high-line designer siding and looks incredible with no seams. Its sturdy durable polypropylene construction and realistic wood grain on all exposed surfaces make it impossible to tell apart from real wood shakes when installed properly.

This type of vinyl siding must be seen to be believed and is one of my favorites for dressing up the accents of a house. There are similar vinyl shake products made by several other manufacturers that we carry as well and they all vary slightly in style. See for yourself at these manufacturer site links or call us to come and show you samples and evaluate your home.




For more shingle siding information, visit:

Napco shakes & scallops

James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding

I am liking this product with it's varied style offerings of lap sidings, shingle siding, stucco & board and batten vertical well. Variety is the rule.

James Hardie products come in factory primed or painted finishes with a warranty of 25 years and 50 year warranty on the boards themselves. I would say that's pretty good.

This product comes in 20 different colors and is considerably more durable than any other type of re-siding material.

My brother served as an insurance adjuster through the Katrina hurricane aftermath, and has been to evaluate hail and wind damaged areas of the mid west. From first-hand observation, he claims the Hardie fiber-cement siding suffered almost no damage compared with other siding brands exposed to the same extreme weather conditions.

For those who dislike vinyl siding or high maintenance real wood siding, this brand is just what the doctor ordered.



Lap Select Cedarmill

Notched Panel

See jameshardie.com for more information.

Royal is the largest PVC extruder in North America with over 200 patented processes.

Royal Woodland 16'
I like this panel for several reasons.

1st, Royal building products are innovators in vinyl siding products and associated trim & accessories.

2nd, this panel is every bit as good as the Napco 25' siding with features like 3/4" projection, 240 mph. wind rating, and a great low gloss finish. The Dura™Color Technology Process finish virtually eliminates fading visible to the naked eye.

This panel also has a great locking system with double thick nail hem, and lies extremely flat on the wall.

What makes this panel stand out in my lineup is its 16' ft 4" long panels. They allow for approximately 30% less seams than standard 12' 6" siding panels and are a bit less expensive than Napco's 25' panel. Dependent on the dimensions of your house, Royal's panels may be a little less expensive way to get the mostly seamless look of Napco's 25' product, yet with the same panel quality.

Read About Royal's Accessory Products Below!



See Royal Building Products for more information

Also, Royal offers some great shake style or board & batton style sidings for something different. Not to mention, they just introduced another dark color line of panels that's looking pretty good for fade resistant composition giving LP Rockwell's panel a run for the money.

So check it out or give me a call to learn more about all of Royal's products. Read about Royal's accessory products in the accessories section below.

Alcoa’s Structure vinyl siding is the best for impact resistance and insulating your home. Its the first premium vinyl siding permanently bonded with Dow Styrofoam Insulation. The polypropylene backing retains virtually all of its R-value rating in comparison with other bonded siding panels on the market which use EPS foam and retain less than half their R-values.

Structure also offers great color choices and Gelroy sun protection. Design options include double 6 inch and singal 7 inch panels unlike most sidings that are double 4 inch and 5 inch panels.



See Alcoa structure siding for more information.

Accessories for Sidings
(Design Ideas & Considerations)

Enhancing the details with finishing touches and accents can help your home stand out and make a dramatic statement increasing curb appeal.

Along with your choice of siding, other key considerations are:

  • Gable vents
  • Shutters
  • Light mounting blocks
  • Designer corner posts such as fluted 6 inch or 3 piece corners.

Much more still can be done to give you that unique or even ornate appearance of old world craftsmanship. To accomplish this, we can offer classic accent enhancements which can result in very distinctive appearances like:

  • Beaded soffit for under roof overhangs and porch ceilings
  • Window mantels and headers
  • Door surrounds
  • Exterior Dentil trim (adds custom architectural detail)
  • Decorative columns (for the finishing touch)


Fiber Cement Siding

NICHIHA, considered the next generation in fiber cement siding, produces a premium choice composite that I like to use mostly for accents. Available in shake, brick and stone textures, it installs easily and quickly. With brick selections, 6 in all, 6 stone selections and Sierra shake styles, there is a lot to choose from.

Brick and stone selections are my favorites because they look and feel like the real thing and are great to use with vinyl siding as accents in breezeways, inlets, or dramatic entryway effects.

This product needs to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated and is a truly unique cutting edge product.


See nichiha.com for more information.

Vinyl siding by LP.

This panel features the deepest, richest colors such as, forest green, mahoganey, barn red, and even a dark blue named ocean. 17 designer colors in all, will not fade due to LP's ChromaLock™ Technology. This breakthrough fuses the molecular structure of acrylic and vinyl to make an inseparable bond, protecting the rich Rockwell collection colors from fading year after year, making this panel truly unique. Other features include a 3/4 inch profile for dramatic shadow lines, Self-a-ligning LockWell™ locking system and a 160 mph. wind load rating.

See normanrockwellsiding.com for more information.


The MAXIM by LP panel is by far the most rigid and in my opinion has the most realistic appearance to wood clapboard finishing, ie, it just looks like ruff-cut cedar clapboard. MAXIUM is molded from a composite of PVC resin, impact modifiers and color protecting titanium dioxide all wrapped up in a 12'6" long panel with a .046 inch thickness and 3/4 inch profile height.

Throw in the best and most positive self aligning lock system and double thick nail hem, you have a heck of a siding that lays perfectly straight on the walls year after year in all weather.

See lpsmartside.com for more information.



We can show you how and will be happy to help you design your home's new look with the many choices and selections available.

Our years of knowledge and experience can greatly simplify the process for you.

Call us with any questions at 860-643-0502 or use our contact form.

Specializing in Kitchens & Baths

Specializing in Kitchens & Baths