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The Destiny Window System

The first of a new generation in thermal vinyl replacement window products to hit an ever-changing market, and I've arranged an "exclusive" contract to introduce it to the area window market. That's good news for you and me.

"What's so different?", you ask. Just about everything, that's what! Let me tell you a little secret; all vinyl window replacements were beginning to look the same. They were sharing many of the same parts. They share Intercept Spacer & PPG Glass, same grids & locks, right down to the machinery putting them together. They even share the same U-Factor rating.

Destiny broke out of that mold with new, better, "everything". For instance; 7/8 insulated Edgetech Super Spacer sealed spacer system and contoured grids with no ugly cross clips. Eight color choices can be applied on the outside, inside, or both. Topping it all off, Destiny boasts a better U-Factor rating, in part due to the AFG Ti-AC40™ Low-E glass designed for diverse seasonal climates.

Destiny is available in bay & bows, garden windows, and the best looking sliding glass doors I've ever seen! Even if I had not told you a thing, just looking at this window next to other brands, you would see the difference. It simply looks better. Come to my showroom, or, I'll come to your home and you will see the difference yourself.



For more information about: Edgetech's Super Spacer® Health Smart Windows®,see: superspacer.com

AFG Ti-AC40™ Glass: afgglass.com


Survivor Vinyl Window Systems

This is my favorite choice for a new or replacement vinyl window in all categories. Their new construction window is the best vinyl thermal new construction I have ever seen because of its 7/8" insulated glass instead of 3/4", (like most competing thermal window lines these days), and large vinyl casing outside that is not only great looking but makes a deep pocket for the siding.

The frames are 70 mil. thick vinyl with miter cut fusion welded corners, optional foam filling for extra insulation and triple interlocks at the head, meeting rail and sill. Color options are white, beige or earth brown.

Also included is my favorite stainless steel constant force balance system which never needs adjusting, Intercept® spacer system, PPG Low-E glass with argon gas, and great internal grid style options.

There is nothing I don't like about this product! It has an Energy Star® rating for the Northeast U-Value of 0.31, and to top it off, it's even reasonably priced. Nothing on the market gives you this much for so little.

There is nothing I don't like about this product!

See survivorwindows.com for more information



Value Vinyl Windows

The Mastic® Vinyl Replacement Window

This window is a proven good performer with a TrimLine© design, Intercept® spacer system, PPG

Low-E glass, fusion welded sash and frame with color choices in linen white or desert sand.

The NFRC labeling insures they have been independently tested and certified to meet your energy needs and qualify for the Energy Star® program. Double hung, casements, bays & bows, awning and custom styles are all available.

As with all other window products I carry, these have a new construction window as well.

I highly recommend this product and like the pricing too.



See masticwindows.com for more information.

Wasco® Sky Lights & Patio Doors

What can I say,... these skylights are flawless and never seem to leak or condensate, my two pet peaves with most other skylights. I've been installing Wasco products for years and never have I had one problem with the product or the manufacturer. Wasco® is a family owned company with New England roots since 1935 and their products are made with New England weather in mind, not sunny California. Now that's a powerful statement!

Wasco® offers 4 lines of products comprised of E-Class, Architectural Series, G-Series, and Rolling Patio Doors. The product's smart design makes for trouble free installation and offer amenities such as electric openers with remote controls and rain sensors. Glass options can provide UV blockage up to 99.9% to stop your carpeting and furniture from discoloring due to sun bleaching. Wasco's patio doors provide a U-Factor of 0.32. What a great line. Call us to see or find out more about how Wasco® products can enhance your home and of course, pricing.



See wascoskylights.com  for more information.


HighLine Replacement Wood Interior

TrimLine® Legends Series Replacement Windows

This line of windows are the best of their kind, hands down! These are aluminum clad wood replacement windows, which means the exterior portion is comprised of heavy duty maintenance free aluminum cladding. The series is available in white, earthtone, beige and bronze or even custom colors if matching of existing house trimmings is desired.

Interior sections are available in finest quality kiln dried Western pine and treated with a water repellant preservative that can be painted, stained, etc. to match your homes wood casing and trim. Interior is also available in real hardwood options including cherry, oak and mahogany. The series also offers 3/4 inch insulated thermal glass, "Warmedge" Super Spacer System, Low-E glass topped off with the argon or Krypton gas. These windows boast a U-Value of 0.35. Many internal and external grid options, locking screens with easy clean and tilt sash system provide the warmth and elegance of a traditional wooden window coupled with the performance of a vinyl thermal replacement window. Style offerings include double hung, casement windows, bay and bow windows and even awning windows.

Astounding finish appearances are also obtained using Finarley Decorative Art Glass or beveled leaded glass with cameing of brass, nickel, patina or zinc. Check it out. They must be seen to be believed!


See trimlinewindows.com for more information.


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Specializing in Kitchens & Baths

Specializing in Kitchens & Baths